Melancholy on electronic beats - 80's synthie-pop meets the tricky present. In spite of the plastic programmings and clubby attitude, eto regards himself as a classic songwriter. He creates high resolution songs about love, life, identity and insanity. All mixed up with a portion of electro, downbeat or minimal... Links: Webpage | Youtube | Twitter

Lissat & Voltaxx

Under the name of Lissat & Voltaxx hide no others than the well known producers Jens Lissat and Marco Wolters. They already worked together for several projects over the years. Since 2006 they release under their alias "Lissat & Voltaxx". Their Tracks are released on trendbreaking labels like Toolroom, Opaque, Kingdom Kome Cuts and Ministry of Sound. Links: Webpage | Facebook


Sunblind is known for being a charismatic mixture of Pop and Trance, melodic lines, well-regulated by progressiv electronic beats. The soulful vocals, mainly by female guest singers, as well as trendy remixes of top producers qualify the songs for the set of intelligent Club DJs. Links: Youtube


Die ultimative 1-Frau-Band. Direkte Stimme von hart bis zart. Sie kann richtig frech, aber auch schön warm und rund. Ihre Songs sind mal wild, mal chillig, aber immer tanzbar. Sie schreibt deutsche Texte mit bissfesten Worten. Keine Zeit für Floskeln.